Office Cleaning Surrey

Office Cleaning SurreyDealing with the cleaning of government buildings can be overwhelming for less experienced cleaning companies. Most companies have a hard time filling out questions asked in the RFP’s that our government clients require, and an even harder time maintaining the cleaning standards set out in those proposals. Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. started with this type of client over twenty five years ago and is still maintaining the quality asked for and finding ways to improve it.

Having read our company resume, you will see that we have dealt with some of the largest government facilities in the Lower Mainland namely the BC Provincial Law Court building. Having cleaned over one million square feet of government property, we have learned that on-call services is not a request; but an expectation.

Our clients in this type of cleaning sector require around the clock response time. Government clients also need to maximize taxpayer’s dollars by hiring a company who can cover project cleaning such as:

  • Carpets
  • Windows
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Exterior Pressure Washing
  • Wall Washing
  • Light Cleaning/Replacement
  • Facility damage or renovation cleaning

Knowing these clients as well as we do gives us the advantage in this field. So if you are a facility or property manager working in the government sector or would like the same cleaning standards that the government facilities enjoy, give us a call when it’s time to tender and Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. will be there for you and your staff.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services also include: Green Cleaning | Property Management

Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. provides Office Cleaning Services to clients across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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