Green Cleaning Services Surrey

We offer the latest green cleaning products and the latest formulation news direct from the mouths of federal regulators and chemical vendors. If you’re a clean conscious person who wants green chemicals in an industrial, residential or commercial environment, you’ve found a home.

We research everything — be it chemical technologies or new environmental laws — that can affect the margins of your green cleaning operation.

Carpets packed with dust, mold, stains and toxins are not only an unpleasant sight but can also release offensive odors. Even with commercial carpet cleaners, you will have to spend lots of time and effort to get your carpets clean and stain-free. In addition, there is the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals present in these cleaners. So, is there a safe way to clean and deodorize your carpets? The answer is ‘yes’! Read on to find out how green carpet cleaning can change the way you clean carpets.

Powerful Green Carpet Cleaning and Deodorizing

Green carpet cleaning solutions help you eliminate risk to user’s health or to the carpet itself by aggressively attacking the dirt and stains with nano-sized micelles instead of harmful chemical ingredients. These nano-sized cleaning molecules deeply penetrate and break down the dirt particles and crystallize them for easy removal.

Green carpet cleaning can help eliminate odors. Carpets are constantly exposed to dirt and stains. Stains may be caused by wine, coffee, lipstick or even blood. As well most carpets get dirty and smell bad when they contain particles of organic matter like food. Often times, surface cleaning will remove the stain, but the pungent odors remain.

To keep the carpets clean and smelling fresh, you must remove any trace of organic matter. To aid in thorough green carpet cleaning, consider green deodorizing solutions from leading suppliers. These concentrated, plant-based green carpet cleaning products break-down the source of odors first and then give your carpets a pleasant lingering fragrance.

Although it is not easy to clean carpets thoroughly, this need not deter you from trying a green carpet cleaning. With the extensive range of green carpet cleaning products available today, it is easy to find the right green cleaner and deodorizer for your needs. Moreover, with the growing emphasis on green living and green cleaning, it is good to do your share in protecting the environment by purchasing and using only green products for all your cleaning applications.