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Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd.

Thank you for the opportunity of introducing Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. to you, your staff and facility. Paradise has been serving the lower mainland in quality cleaning for 37 years and has provided exceptional customer service and state-of-the-art cleaning methods that have kept all of our clients in a clean and healthy environment.


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Our History

Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. has been one of the most successful cleaning companies in regards to commercial cleaning. Most property managers have a very high cleaning standard for their commercial properties, and Paradise has identified their major cleaning concerns. Washroom cleaning and furniture dusting lead the list by over 30% in customer complaints. We have identified the areas within this cleaning sector, so we can workload our cleaning staff in those areas with the most cleaning concerns. Other cleaning areas high on the list of property managers are of course the exterior and main entrance to the property. This includes dirty windows, fingerprints on lights and dirty entrance mats.

Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. has realized that the frequency of cleaning also plays a large role in the property looking clean and at it’s best to all visitors and staff. Because we know the frequencies of other large cleaning sites, we will assist the commercial facility manager on how often their facility and project tasks should be cleaned and maintained.

Our cleaning philosophy is clear for commercial facility managers: correctly workload the cleaning staff with the correct frequencies for optimal results, and monitor all results in a consistent manner. Whether you operate a small office or a large tower, Paradise Building Maintenance Ltd. will give you peace of mind with experience at cleaning and maintaining commercial facilities with healthful results as the main objective. Please ask for our commercial cleaning references and feel secure in knowing that your commercial building is being treated by professionals with a clean touch.